There is almost no dispute that meditation helps to keep both mental and physical health sound. There are thousands of different meditation methods active around the world. And, it is a matter of tremendous curiosity that which methods are the most effective. Meanwhile, Ajasrika offers Transcendental Meditation (TM) as it is probably the easiest, simplest, and most scientifically researched meditation method. Here are some key points about the TM below.

Transcendental meditation (TM)

  • As old as time. Introduced by Maharshi Mahesh Yogi in 1955.
  • 20-minute practice, two times a day (morning and evening).
  • No restriction on age, caste, religion, geography, profession, etc.
  • No control and no condition* applied.
  • Any time*, any place*, any position* that you feel comfortable to practice.


  • A Five-day, seven-step course by a certified TM teacher.
  • You will receive a suitable mantra (sound) during and follow up the next consecutive 3 days (Around 45- 60 minutes)

Mantra (Sound): Mantras help to focus our attention, activate certain energies, clear blockages, and give that unruly animal, the mind, something constructive to do. They look meaningless but have meanings, do not pay attention to the meaning, enjoy the sound vibration.

More about TM

  • Source of knowledge: Vedic literature, ancient practices,
  • Working process: Mechanical (once properly started, it works even if you don’t believe it)
  • Result: Subjective and Objective aspects of the life (2x 100% results)
  • Evidence: Significant numbers of peer-reviewed journal articles

Fundamentally unique

  • Easy: Can do anywhere, anytime
  • Simple: 20-minute sitting at comfortable positions
  • Effortless: Effortless effort, no need to use force
  • Natural: allows the mind to work naturally, and follows natural laws

What happens after TM

  • Mind gets rest
  • The physical body gets to rest
  • Deep rest releases the stress and strains
  • Purified nervous systems
  • Nervous systems start normal functioning
  • Normal functioning of nervous systems ensures normal functioning of other systems.
  • Mind becomes happier, and strengthened due to the experience of the source of thoughts.

TM supports

  • Develop full potentialities of mind
  • Individual and holistic health
  • Ideal Social behavior
  • Contribution to world peace

For details of the course, contact: Bhupendra Nirajan, at +977-9851050421 (Phone, WhatsApp, Viber)