Head and foot program

Head foot program includes the following:

  • Foot abhyanga
  • Head abhyanga
  • Foot bath

There is accumulation of different types of stress, tension, desire, sadness, tiredness, pain in our head and foot by our daily activities which blocks the energy channel of our body. Head foot program helps to clean these blockages from our body. This program at once gives the benefit of head massage as well the benefit of the foot bath. This helps to circulate the energy in the body.

The chemical toxins produced during the daily activities accumulated in the leg go to the water by the stimulation of the nervous system at the same time by the head massage.

  • It gives deep relaxation to the person.
  • Reduces fatigueness, tiredness and exhaustion.
  • There are different energy points in our feet which are stimulated by the action of the stone during the foot bath it helps to release the toxins from the foot to the water during foot bath this bath is effective for cleansing and invigorating the feet and the whole body.
  • During the process the energy points of the head opens which helps to connect our senses with the universe.
  • This therapy helps to stimulate, activate, and clean the different organs of the body (such as: heart, kidney, brain, stomach, lungs etc.)
  • Improves the quality of sleep

Foot bath is normally followed by foot Abhyanga (massage). The sensory nerves, joints and the energy points of the foot are stimulated by the deep massage. It prepares the foot to receive the benefits of the medicinal plants used in foot bath.

It increases the circulation, stimulates the sensory nerves, helps to reduce pain and swelling in the muscles, joints and ligaments.

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