Guideline For Food & Daily Routine

Health means balance – Every person has a natural tendency to become imbalanced or excess. Ayurvedic diet is centered on treating life’s experience as ‘food’ (for body and mind), which is assimilated into the body and contributes to its nourishment. Ayurveda diet is considered as the fuel for the maintenance of the Agni (digestive fire). It invigorates the mind. If used in directed manner it promotes the proper distribution of body elements, vitality, complexion and the acuity of the sense organs. The contrary conduct of diet would lead to unwholesome results.

Proper diet make your immune system strong by including natural food in your diet, to avoid the condition which invite the disease or poor functioning of body. Your body only functions properly when it is provided with all the necessary vitamins and nutrients. That is healing by making harmony with natural food stuffs like fruits and vegetable from recovery must ensure. Ayurvedic health consultation provides you better guidelines to adopt healthy diet according to suitable needs.

“Good foods make good diet, good diet makes good health & Good health gives us control over our own lives.”

We prevent and create disease through out actions. There are mainly three causes which creates disease in our body they are diet, lifestyle and mental factors. If we are careless and do not bother to maintain equilibrium in our own way of living, we become prey to many disorders. If we still do not learn from this, the disorders slowly give rise to a serious disease. Life-long vata imbalance, which is symptomatically cured by taking chemical drugs for many years, may finally give rise to arthritis etc other disease. Some ailments like Headaches or migraine are generally not cured with the remedies of modern medicine and are suppresses by strong chemical drugs. In fact, headache and migraine are not even really ailments, but are a warning of a fatigued physical state and block of energy channels. Continuous use of these drugs may lead to side-effects or disease which creates a vicious circle.

To adopt an Ayurvedic way of life requires time and attention, but it seems to be solution for preventing serious illness. Using the example of migraine/headache many people suffer and take strong drug to avoid suffering so that they are able to go to work. If you follow Ayurvedic way of diet and lifestyle, it will help ailments to remove from its root cause, they not only cure themselves without spending lot of money, but also other related disease.

The fundamental wisdom is very basic and deals with simple facts of life. It teaches us to keep our body and mind in tune with rest of the cosmos. If you follow this tradition, you will be able to live happier; we can be more productive at work and we can give and share as member of creative society.